These are advanced tactics that can take many tries to master, but if they are done correctly, you can get a lot of mass.

Linesplit X Edit

This trick is just a linesplit, but this time, you linesplit into mass. It can be any kind of mass, viruses, W, another player, or even pellets. (Warning: Make sure the piece getting the mass does not go over 22.5K mass, or else you will lose a lot because the piece can not autosplit because it is already in the max amount of pieces! [This is usually referred to as a mass void])

Linesplit Edit

Horizontal Edit

(THIS TRICK IS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT) Make yourself AFK by putting your mouse in the center of your cell (Make sure you are in one piece) and then split four times. If done correctly, your cells should form a horizontal line.

Vertical Edit

Do as above, but this time, before you split four times, move your mouse cursor up just a few pixels.  If done correctly, your cells should form a vertical line. This is much harder than a horizontal linesplit, so you might want to practice first.

Bait Edit

Get a teammate, and split three times. Your mate should be in the middle of your pieces, larger than them, but not enough to eat them. Wait for someone to come and split on you, then split before they touch you, feeding all the mass to your mate. If done correctly, then your mate should have enough to eat the splitting prey.

Self-Feed Tricksplit Edit

Look for a person that you are bigger than, but can not split on, and split four times. Before you feed them your pieces, press W into the piece closest to them, and all your mass will go into that piece, making you big enough to eat them. This is a very hard trick, so make sure you are very experienced!


Regular Edit

Chase a person (example, you have 4,000 mass and that person has 2,000 mass) and get them close to a virus, then press space twice. The prey will eat your 4th part, then hit the virus due to growing, and your third part will eat everything. This does not always work, but if it works you usually get a lot of mass.

Same Size/Smaller Sized Edit

This is a ridiculous trick. It looks impossible and seems impossible, but it has been done. For both tricks, make sure you get the opponent to get as close to the virus as they can. This is crucial. Also, try and split as fast as you can. (For a smaller size popsplit, make sure you are max 400 smaller than the enemy, or you will probably fail)


This is a very popular tactic in teams. Get a teammate, find a person that your teammate cannot eat with a single split. Split multiple times as your teammate splits to eat that person and the trick split is done. Be careful on doing this though, as an experienced player can easily reverse the tactic and they gain the mass instead of you.


This is pretty complex. Get you (or your teammate) to split once, and then find a victim. You then split and then the teammate splits multiple times into you (like the tricksplit) but this is really hard, as an experienced player can still kill you if your teammate mucks up or that they are very big.

Magic CellEdit

This requires two teammates or more. For max effect, get four teammates, feed them around the same mass. (WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR MASS IS OVER 10000 AS YOU WILL SPLIT IF YOU HAVE 3 TEAMMATES OR MORE) Find a person and pretend you are AFK, then make the teammate split to finish off the person.

Countering themEdit

Tricksplit Edit

Split at the smaller teamer at the RIGHT moment to gain the mass instead, or just be very big.

Bait Edit

Try to make them think you don't care about them, and throw W in any direction, and then suddenly split on them. Another way is to simply be bigger than them or big enough to split and eat them

Cannonsplit Edit

Same as tricksplit, have a very good timing.

Magic Cell Edit

Use the W to your advantage.


Stay away from the virus or split once you see them wanting to pop you so THEY get popped instead of you