Cells have varying amounts of mass and thus, you can see your mass amount in-game by checking the "show mass" option on the game settings, Player cells can be considered by the following masses:

Very Small Cell Edit

Ranging from 10 to 50 mass. These are often newly created player cells who have just entered the game. However these can also be existing player cells that have split from a larger mass or virus. This cell is often ignored by giant cells and very vulnerable to small and the smaller part of the medium cells. Cells cannot have a mass below 10. These cannot be split by viruses.

Small Cell Edit

Ranging from 50 to 199 mass. These are the Small Cells that have eaten enough food and cells to be a little larger. This cell is more vulnerable to the larger medium cells compared to the very small cells.

Medium Cell Edit

Ranging from 200 to 499 mass. This is often the top half of the lower 40% of the game and make up the smaller majority of smaller cells. This player cell size is vulnerable mostly to bigger medium cells or medium-large cell masses.

Medium-Large Cell Edit

Ranging from 500 to 1249 mass. This is often the bottom third of the top half of the game. This player cell is especially vulnerable to large and giant cells.

Category 1 Edit

The cells from the 500 to 749 mass range. It is similar to the medium cells.

Category 2 Edit

The cells from the 750 to 1249 mass range. It is similar to the large cells.

Large Cell Edit

Ranging from 1250 to 1999 mass, these cells are similar to Category 2 Medium-Large Cells, because they both are attempted to. 

Large Cell: Ranging from 1000 to 5000+ mass. These cells have reached a massive amount of mass and may engulf the majority of medium, small and smaller giant cells. Giant cells can be considered under three categories.

1.  Relatively Large Cell: Ranging from 1000 to 2499 mass. This can be a solitary player cell or often two splits of a player's Massive Cell.

2. Massive Cell: Ranging from 2500 to 3999 mass. This section of Giant cells often makes up the cells at the bottom and the middle of the leaderboard. This can be a solitary player cell or often two splits of a players Extremely Huge Cell.

3. Giant Cell: Ranging from 4000+ mass. These player cells are mostly your top 5% of players and are often the people at the middle and the top of the leaderboard. It should be noted that a leaderboards' scoring for its players is often determined by the top player cell within this mass range.

It should be noted that a players cells mass will alter the how much of the map a cell can see. The smaller the cell, the more it zooms in. The larger the cell, the more the screen zooms out to compensate for the cells mass.

In addition, a players cell mass can change its desirability depending on its mass. A medium cell of mass 250 will split into two 125 medium cells that will be unable to engulf bigger medium cells. Thus, it can be important to pay attention to ones own mass relative to other cell masses around it, otherwise, a player cell can attract the attention of a bigger cell mass.


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