Resourсes about Edit

No Name Description Adress of site, page, etc.
1 Agar-Game
2 Agario Guide
3 Agario Mods You can use another skins, that is presented on this site. Only players, that play through this site will see your skin.
4 Agario Skins Add and see instantly skins on the skin database
5 Agario Tips
6 (clone, gonna be replaced to lower table)
7 Know Your Meme an article
8 Reddit subreddit
9 Wikipedia an article
10 German wikia (stub)
11 Russian wikia
12 Agario Russian Community Russian community, main object of communty is one of clones of, but still there is talks about true
13 Agario Russian community's web-site Russian community, main object of communty is one of clones of, but still there is talks about true
17 (ru) Main page is skin voting
19 official? groupe at FB
20 official? channel on youtube
21 (Official channel at Twitter?)
22 Ivan Agario Games@youtube New Android Channel at youtube of Ivan Sanchez Ramirez
23 Download here on iOS:

and here on Android:

25 Agario Brasil
26 [agartipstricks] []
27 Agario skins Add and see instantly skins on the skin database .
28 Game turkish site in english language

Clones and analogs Edit

No Title Description Platform Adress of site, page, etc. Release date ~Publisher
1 Agar Battles For Android device, version 0.11 (alpha), updated 2015-05-20 publisher name(country name)
2 Shutdown because of DMCA Reopened in late July-early August 2015
3 Agar Indo Indonesian server page
4 Dot Eater
5 Dot Muncher
6 Griffpatch's
7 Mitosis Not for a browser
8 Nebulous
9 Osmos
10 Petri Dish browser
11 Агарио: Голодные Игры Commercial analog at russian social network browser, social network
12 Agario WTF clone with chat, another graphics and only 4 regions browser

Critics Edit

>Ok, is going downhill from here. Everyone in Free for All and Experiment are teaming. There's one huge guy with 10,000+ mass who's teaming with 1+ people and making the game miserable for everyone. They oversplit, eating people barely even a tenth of their size. And when someone finally rises up to them they pile their mass together to make an ultra cell and eat the player. Teams was always awful since there's always one team that's winning by far and leaving the other two teams tiny slivers on the pier. They do the same, oversplitting. Like if this happens to you. Jeff Lin

Misc. Edit

Match results

Version history How to create Skins at Agario-API's Here are some interfaces to help to code your agario-site better.


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