A type of Potion that must be earned based on performance. Mystery Potions have to be brewed for a certain amount of time before opening. However, they can be opened instantly by using the new DNA currency. Only one potion can be brewed at a time with a storage limit of three.

Minimum Requirements to Earn a Mystery Potion:

  • Classic Mode: Stay in top 60 for 30 seconds
  • Rush Mode: Finish in the top half of the leader board

Better performance will earn Potions with better prizes.

Types and RewardsEdit

Potion: Common Rare Exotic Mystical
Brew Time: 3 Hours 7 Hours 3 Hours 7 Hours
Open Now: 19 DNA 35 DNA 19 DNA 35 DNA
Coins: 10 - 20 30 - 40 50 - 60 100 - 130
Trophies: 2 6 10 25
Skin Pieces: 1 2 - 3 4 5 - 6
Mystery potions rewards

Mystery Potions - Rewards

If already brewing, the DNA required to open a Potion is lowered to reflect the elapsed brew time. All Potions can occasionally contain in-game Boosts as well.

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