Mass Physics Edit

  • You must have a mass of 35 to split.
    • Even if you were above 35 and went down to less than 35, you can't split.

Split Physics Edit

  • You split 14 squares in the direction your cursor was in relative to your size before you split.
    • If your cursor is on your cell, you will split to the East.
    • If you are pressing against a wall, and you split, you will split in the opposite direction. For example:
      • If you are pressing against the North wall, you will split South, etc.
      • If you are pressing against the North Eastern corner, you will split South West.
      • If you are pressing against a wall and you are moving, your velocity will be taken into consideration.
  • To merge back into one cell, the only factor is time. You must wait 30 seconds to do that.
    • If you split again (2 to 4) you will be able to combine the first two once their time is done, then the next two once their time is done. Every split has its one wait time.
    • No matter how much you eat/split/feed it will always be 30 seconds.

This information right is now incomplete.

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