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Rush Mode is a game mode for on Mobile. This mode is not yet available for the browser version.

Preview Edit

In this game mode, you have 5 minutes to grow as big as you can. You can buy a Rush Mass boost for 9 coins (+20 Mass) or 19 coins (+40 Mass), which is active for only one spawn. Viruses in Rush Mode are red and require only 3 ejected mass balls to create a new one. Your mass is shown in decimal number, unlike other game modes. After the Rush Mode ends, the leaderboard (Top 10) will be displayed.

Changes and UpdatesEdit

Rush mode over

Top 10 and your place on leaderboard.

A cell's mass is now displayed in whole numbers. The time before a cell merges has been reduced.

The March 2017 update to the mobile app brought several more key changes to Rush Mode. The size of the game field was significantly reduced. Also, a timer for "Estimated Time" is now displayed during the pre-match "Gathering players …" screen.

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