Sirius is one of the youtuber skins in It can be used by typing "Sirius" in the nickname box before starting the game. Then the player's cell will become the logo of the German Youtuber Sirius, with an additional background made up of multicolor mosaics.

Sirius (real name : Frederik Leppin) is the founder of the famous ƬψƬ clan. He's also a photographer, and has a nickname, Freddy. He started his channel in February 23, 2014 but uploaded his first video only in August 1, 2015. He's grown very fast since his start, and now has 600K subscribers, making him the third most popular Youtuber, behind Jumbo and Pumba.

The Sirius skin has been added on October 27, 2016 along with 7 more Youtuber skins :