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Los reproductores son virus de color carmesí que solo se pueden encontrar en modo experimental añadido el 12-06-2015. Periódicamente genera semilla, similar a la célula madre (eliminada). El reproductor es un poco más grande que un virus común, más o menos del mismo tamaño que una celda de masa 240 y requiere una masa de 300 para ser consumido. Variables generales variables de gránulos, supuestamente tomando una porción del destino de alimentos del mapa (como la célula madre ).

A cell of 160 mass or less will be consumed by a spawner. When a cell is consumed its mass is turned into pellets and distributed around the Spawner. Spawners can also eat viruses. The spawner refunds all mass it gains as pellets, either from ejections or by consuming smaller cells (beware). If given more mass than it can eject as pellets immediately, it swells up, and subsequently shrinks over the course of the next few seconds as it releases pellets. When consumed, the spawner has the same effect as a virus, splitting the cell into a lot of cells.

If you run into one, you will be eaten and the Spawner will gain your mass and slowly throw it out over time.


  • If you shoot a virus into it, it shoots out the virus's mass. Some servers have big spawners around 10,000 mass.
  • There is one server in Oceania with a spawner roughly around 30,000 mass.
  • A player with a mass of 10,261 ate a 10,000 mass spawner. Check Here
  • A YouTuber named Smash ate a spawner roughly about 10,000 mass. Check Here
  • Another YouTuber was using bots on Experimental Mode and made an experimental spawner which is roughly 120,000 mass. He made it so big that the server was closing; and he was the last man standing. Check Here
  • Many unexperienced players accidentally suicide into it, as the spawner will take anything that has less mass than itself.

History Edit

  • June 19, 2015: Added spawner.

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