Teamers are players in FFA Mode who work together with other like minded players to get to the top of the leaderboard.


Example of a Teamer.

Commonly, they will use names such as name of some youtuber, name of person in a clan, "w=team", "w=ally", and "w=friends". Teamers may also use another, similar variation of these usernames. 

Teamers objectives are slightly different than that of the typical FFA player. Teamers usually work in conjunction with other Teamers to gain mass. The strategy that they use to do this, however, differentiates from the common strategies used by a lone player due to the fact that they are working symbiotically with another player.

This fact opens up a plethora of different options in terms of strategic maneuvers in regards to Splitting and other methods of gaining mass through the consumption of other player cells.  

Teamers will Eject mass towards one another to signify that they are in cooperation. Looking for this act is a way to figure out which players are Teamers if it's not already in their name.  

Teamers generally share the mass that they gain between one another, and the fact that they are working together to hunt other cells makes them a very high threat to those who are playing FFA solo.

Types of Teamers:

Type of Teamers Description
Force Teamers Teamers that help you without verifying that you and that person are working together. Usually, they'll start feeding you, most of the time because of your mass.
Neutral Teamers Teamers that'll help anyone they please, for one situation. They'll help someone get a kill, or not get killed. After, they'll go about their business. 

Regular Teamers

They help each other, helping each other get to number one.

Bot Teamers

People who team with a bot.



People who eject (W) to a far away cell, Only to split-kill them once they trust the Fake Teamer.
INA Teamers People who eat others and keep feeding his teammate.
Slow Teamers Large teams, often Asian, constituted of a giant cell and a smaller one. The giant cell will split into 16 pieces, being protected by his teammate, and will only give him the mass when in danger. They are not hit by anti-teaming, due to acting slowly