Trolling is obviously what people can do in either for fun or to become bigger, there are four ways to troll someone in

Hiding inside a virusEdit

This is the most common troll in and the most efficient.These types of trolls, the troll hides himself/herself in a Virus and wait for someone smaller to come and eats that player or he/she gets out of the virus when the other player is close enough.

Shooting into a VirusEdit

These trolls are used to own big cells. When a big cell gets close to the virus, the troll will try to shoot mass into the virus until a new virus is ejected, if shot into the larger cell, it will cause the bigger cell to split. Thus, the troll can consume the victim.

Hiding a VirusEdit

Not to confuse to the first troll, this one, instead of hide inside a Virus, the player will attempt to hide the Virus in order to wait for someone who will think he's lagged and when the cell gets closer, It'll get out and the bigger cell will split, this is the worst one, because not only they'll note the hiding Virus, but the'll also shot mass on you to cause damage.

Name trollingEdit

As the name implies this type of trolling involves nicknames. People enter with ridiculously long names and using wide characters, create smileys or enter a lot of whitespaces and dots.


2016-05-06 (3)

name trolling 1


name trolling 2

2016-05-06 (5)

Name trolling 3

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