In case some of you don't know what the wiki leaderboard is, It's a place that ranks the people who have gotten the most wiki achievement points, Which are earned by editing on the wiki.

I honestly can't believe I've made it this far, And I'd like to thank the creator of this entire wiki for making the wiki. This is a great milestone for me because I've never made such a big difference on the internet before, And quite frankly I didn't know I was actually making so many changes on this wiki.

And just because I've reached #1 doesn't mean I'm going to stop editing this wiki :P

I might be over-exaggerating this a little but I'm not, And editing this wiki isn't a competition, It's a group-effort and we can help spread information about Agario and prevent vandalizing.

No one's probably going to read this anyways, and by the time they do someone will have already beaten me in the leaderboard :P

Thank you everyone, -Bob

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