So I was checking out the hall of fame and it didn't take quite long to realize how messy it was.

Let's start with the basics:

1. A decent few of the world records on there are faked

And it's really hard to spot them due to the current system we have for the hall of fame, The way we take evidence for records is quite messy and unpredictable, which makes me move on to the next topic..

2. Messy and forged evidence

The fact that we take screenshots from the comment section would've worked out a while ago (And it did) But now with thousands of people submitting their records we need a better way of filtering it, Not to mention the people's records whom were photoshopped or obtained by cheating.

3. Solution

We should make it so there are screenshots/video links edited onto the page in a subsection of the hall of fame to make it easier to manage.

The reason why I made this blog is to see if an Administrator of this wiki would approve the idea or not and if it would work.


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