Blue The Raptor

aka Some velociraptor that was transported

  • I live in in Jurassic World.
  • My occupation is being a raptor, duh
  • I am Velociraptor, my agario name is ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻❥一 :哦
  • Blue The Raptor

    I've worked hard on these, so no hate, okay?

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  • Blue The Raptor

    Advanced Tactics

    March 24, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    So you've mastered the instant merging servers, now here's some advanced tactics. The ones with both bold and italic require a teammate.


    Chase a person (example, you have 1,500 mass and that person has 700 mass) and get then close to a virus, then press space twice. This does not always work, but if it works you usually get a lot of mass.

    - Tricksplit

    This is a very popular tactic in teams. Get a teammate, find a person that your teammate cannot eat with a single split. Split multiple times as your teammate splits to eat that person and the tricksplit is done. Be careful on doing this though, as an experienced player can easily reverse the tactic and they gain the mass instead of you.

    - Flower

    Howdy, I'm flowey! Flowey the flower!

    Get yo…

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  • Blue The Raptor

    Want to play?

    March 14, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    I see you love instant merging servers and you want to play with me, right? Look no more. I will be posting party servers here.

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  • Blue The Raptor

    New Clan: Ьтя ✪

    February 29, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    Ьтя ✪ is a new clan made, well, by me.


    Level 35+

    High-score of at least 10,000

    Very Active

    Knowing tricksplits, popsplits, cannonsplits, and the "flower".

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  • Blue The Raptor

    Eating Less Agars

    January 30, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    You know when you eat a lot of agars? That totally ruins your score. Here's how to reduce the amount.

    1. Use a facebook/g+ account. At level 34, you start at 43 mass so you will not have to eat 33 agars to get to that mass.

    2. Hunt as soon as you spawn. This will remove agars too.

    3. Use baits. I usually hit viruses to get myself into 16 pieces. When one eats one of them, I eat another virus and kill them.

    4. Use 43-mass bots if you can use facebook on them. This will allow you to get more mass and you can AFK as long as one does not kill you. Keep in mind you need to be 53 mass or more to do this. 61 is better if you plan to AFK for a long time.

    That's all!

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