So you've mastered the instant merging servers, now here's some advanced tactics. The ones with both bold and italic require a teammate.


Chase a person (example, you have 1,500 mass and that person has 700 mass) and get then close to a virus, then press space twice. This does not always work, but if it works you usually get a lot of mass.

- Tricksplit

This is a very popular tactic in teams. Get a teammate, find a person that your teammate cannot eat with a single split. Split multiple times as your teammate splits to eat that person and the tricksplit is done. Be careful on doing this though, as an experienced player can easily reverse the tactic and they gain the mass instead of you.

- Flower

Howdy, I'm flowey! Flowey the flower!

Get your ass back in undertale, Flowey! So, this also requires a team-mate, but it's pretty simple and even a novice can do it. Split four times and make sure your team-mate cannot eat your slices. Wait for a person to come up and split just before they touch you, and watch as the teammate dies and you lose mass  devours the victim, but do not do this on really big players as they can still devour the teammate.


This is pretty complex. Get you (or your teammate) to split once, and then find a victim. You then split and then the teammate splits multiple times into you (like the tricksplit) but this is really hard, as an experienced player can still kill you if your teammate mucks up or that they are very big.

Magic Cell

This requires two teammates or more. For max effect, get four teammates, feed them around the same mass. (WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR MASS IS OVER 10000 AS YOU WILL SPLIT IF YOU HAVE 3 TEAMMATES OR MORE) Find a person and pretend you are AFK, then make the team-mate split to finish off the person.

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