aka Somecat

  • I live in a place outside of 'MURICA
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is being the BEST noob
  • I am a she-cat
  • Duana10

    Not that bad anymore!

    November 30, 2015 by Duana10

    Yesterday, I was playing and actually started using the split function. Dunno, I was kind of afraid of using it because, well, I'm stupid. Yeah...  But with the help of that, I managed to earn 8th place on the leaderboard. It might not seem big to some of you guys. It's still a big accomplishment to not be that much of newbie anymore. Have a great day everyone! :D

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  • Duana10

    Help with joining parties

    November 10, 2015 by Duana10

    Hi! I'm new here. So that means that I suck at But it seems that I can't join any private servers. Especially the team server. I tried a million times and not once had it worked. Is it because I don't play on North American server? Or is it just the game? If you do know, please give me some tips or answers down below. Have a good day!

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