• HSFan2

    Since I don't know what was happening before I joined this wiki, I won't talk about it in this blog post.

    I joined back in September 2015, when both the game and the wiki were fun. I was very dumb and most of my edits were Skin Ideas. I also made a tutorial to help people make their own private servers. Everyone liked that tutorial for some unknown reason. Later than, my skin idea Sun came to the game (with a different look).

    I got about 100 edits and then went inactive until January 2016, when I made some new skin ideas.

    It wasn't until April 2016 when I became super-active and I started editing lots of pages, and I was active until November 2016, when I scr*wed something up.

    I was messing around with the wikia, and testing all of it's featur…

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  • HSFan2

    My Main Focus

    February 26, 2017 by HSFan2
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