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  • Ozziene

    Defeating slow teamers

    June 20, 2017 by Ozziene

    Slow teamers dominate 9 months since the anti-teaming update. It's the current teaming problem in FFA and Experimental; a highly illegal activity. This teaming technique contravenes the anti-teaming measure, the feature that prevents teaming which contravenes the merge-time after splitting. FFA means Free for all, opposite of teaming, and teaming in Team mode isn't identical to the illegal teaming in FFA and cross-teaming in Team mode, which is prevented by anti-teaming.

    Just maneuver around the slow teamer and if it doesn't avoid a virus or a spawner and suffer nothing when eaaten, the cell is split in 16 and won't split-kill you. Keep maneuverng until you find thew smaller cell. Now occasionally the smaller cell will eat the small…

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  • Ozziene


    June 15, 2017 by Ozziene

    I am level 51 in and I get about 1500 mass in every effortful match but very rarely go over 4000 mass, especially in team mode. In FFA, That is all because of one severely disrupting, extremely infamous and game-ruining technique that many people discovered 1.5 years ago. Teaming.

    Teaming is an extremely illegitimate and illegal technique that contravenes the merging technique and makes it impossible for solo to reach the top of the leaderboard. It's easier for solo players to get big in closing servers. but servers that close are rare.

    After about 9 months siunce anti-teaming was added, some guilty players have learned how to do a technique of teaming (contravening the merge time), but also contravened the anti-teaming penalty, and …

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