I am level 51 in and I get about 1500 mass in every effortful match but very rarely go over 4000 mass, especially in team mode. In FFA, That is all because of one severely disrupting, extremely infamous and game-ruining technique that many people discovered 1.5 years ago. Teaming.

Teaming is an extremely illegitimate and illegal technique that contravenes the merging technique and makes it impossible for solo to reach the top of the leaderboard. It's easier for solo players to get big in closing servers. but servers that close are rare.

After about 9 months siunce anti-teaming was added, some guilty players have learned how to do a technique of teaming (contravening the merge time), but also contravened the anti-teaming penalty, and that technique is Slow teaming. And it's now making it hard for solo players to get to the top of the leaderboard, even in experimental where big cells split in 16 are usually teaming and take out viruses and spawners without exploding. In addition, teamers are getting better and causing less mistakes, so it's making solo players harder to reach the leaderboard.

The other problems are that the game lags when I am very big (formerly at about 4000 mass), but now at about 15000 mass, and ending up with solo players getting anti-teaming.

Therefore, it's virtually impossible for me to get over 10000 mass in FFA or Experimental, especially Solo in Party mode when teaming IS allowed

In team mode, it's hard to get big in a server dominated by an enemy teams as the cells in that team are smaller (approximately the higher average mass I get in FFA) and therefore I get ambushed at over 300 mass, simply split-killed at about 50 when close to ambushing ambushing zones. It's also hard for me to get about 500 mass when finding a teammate is worthy and I get frequently ambushed (trapped among enemy cells). That is, unless a teammate keeps me in conduct or an enemy causes a mistake which is very rare, a death risk, especially if I'm over 1000 mass or my team is high.

Generally my teammates, don't give me mass on first sight to help me more efficiently, just simply if it's a player is identified as an aquaintance or a stranger to the teammate. In past videos, my teammates don't give the mass back to me. The teammates aren't very generous to me, most of them when I collab with them do give mass to me. When I'm atleast 500 mass I will search for a teammate or 2 with nearly the same mass. Conducting with a big teammate, unless if it's generous enough, isn't effortless. The best reults in a turnaround at the start should have no very big teammate, and my team should rise a bit (15%) when I get about 500 mass, just to get a ready teammate or two, stay with it and take out some enemies. Normally when I get big, about 2000 mass, I get virused or ambushed with no teammates around me, and teammates this big are hard to find.

I know how to merge-kill, split-push, chameleon-attack and super-chameleon attack, pop-feed, merge after getting virused, ambush enemies and feed my teammates. I cannot find much use for the cross-split and the pop-split is risky. Tricksplit can only work with crossteamers, and solo-tricksplit is also risky and hard to find use. Linesplit is also quite risky and requires over 20k mass. When you're big, your speed and FOV is unreliable as it's not as far as the standard split range. If you split over 4000 mass, your cells automatically push out further than normal.

So, all the things above you need to listen to is to get temers out of FFA and Experimental and help me maintain a high mass.

I had a comment from Pengin: I unsubbed btw ._. I don't watch your videos because they bore me, if I wanted to see a Gameplay like this I could just play for myselfο»Ώ.