First of all, excuse my grammer if it sucks at any point. I'm french canadian and i will do my best. This is for all of you who have played and know the basics of the game, so i won't be explaining how to play. What you'll read here are just a couple of tricks and hacks i've never seen on any other website. Hopefully they will help you making it to first.


Being Small: Everyone starts by being small and it's discouraging to see how big Mr.number 1 is. He started off just as big as you so keep calm and survive.

SPAWNING LOCATIONS: Focus on eating dots and discovering where they spawn mostly. With chance you'll be big and fast enough to eat smaller blobs that spawn in the same spot, as they just arrive in game. The game usually makes players appear far enough from others so they have time to move but with luck you can get 2 times bigger pretty fast.

STEALING DOTS: Smaller is faster. Take that in advantage by going in front of someone bigger than you and steal the dots that he was planing of eating. That way he won't have any chance of getting big enough to eat you. Don't do that if he can kill you...

MEMORIZING LOCATION OF VIRUSES: Try to remember in what direction viruses are so you can hide into them or, even better situation, make a player that just eated you split and break into it. Instant revenge.

PLAYERS: Now put attention on the other players around you. Let's say you're at 100 mass, if they're about 1/3 bigger than you, DON'T SPLIT. That's what they're waiting for. Your smaller blob will make you vulnerable and they will try to eat you. Unless there's a virus close enough for you to twirl around and get away from them, stay put. Btw going around viruses can be successful, don't go through them if you're 110 mass or bigger unless you're hiding.

Parantheses on splitting here. Split If Worth. A rule to live by. If you wait just a little the perfect kill will appear. Exceptions apply here: 1:if you're what i call walling, which is teaming with the wall by throwing mass towards your bigger blob, do split for a quarter of your mass but not less. 2:Double split can be made as well for a worthy amount of mass (divided in 4 blobs). And 3:do split and eat if there has been nothing worth it for the last 30 seconds you've been wandering around.

FOLLOWING: Last and most important tip about being small: DO NOT FOLLOW. All you are doing is taking a risk of being eaten. It is satisfying to eat multiple players, even though it's not worth it. Oh yeah and you're being a bully, might be making an enemy there aaaaand the one in front is the one getting dots, while you're getting nothing at all. If you're the one leading, do follow them while being in front. Watch your mass to see if you're getting big enough to eat your prey. If not let it go. This tactic doesn't really work once you're over 200 mass.


Hacks & Tricks for medium size to big blobs that are solo: Now that you're off with a good start, wouldn't it be sad to lose it all by being greedy or innocent? I bet some of you have cried or raged, maybe even defenestrated your p.c. or cellphone.

UNWORTHY SPLIT PLAYER: If a bigger player than you comes around and you see one of his blobs is slightly bigger than the other, that was a wasted split. He will probably do the same thing again so try getting away from him before he gets you.

ACT INNOCENT: When divided in 2 blobs and seeing a future killing split close to you, don't follow right away. Anticipate where they are going and try to take a different path that will lead you to them until you have become 1 blob again. Then, go straight towards them and surprise!

TIMING: It's a good thing to know at what moment you will be 1 blob instead of multiple blobs, so you can be ready to eat again. While being really big, like top 5 big, don't take risks by going close enough to someone so they can eat you. Wait until the blobs shake a little and start getting closer to each other. Keep it that way and get closer to your prey(s). Once close enough stop moving, become 1 and eat.

MEMORIZING THE MAP: A great way to get big is by memorizing where the top players are and going to the calm part of the map. Even better is knowing where top 1 is and where the other top 4 are. Number 1 will probably go towards them so don't go in his path. Corners are good for starting but don't stay there once you're over 1000 mass. There's no escape in case of danger.

BREAKING ON VIRUS SPLIT: Bad luck striked. You splitted towards a virus and you've broken into many small pieces and probably 2 bigger blobs. There are many ways of getting advantage from this. If there is someone around that looks like a good team, give your little blobs to him, but not enough so he could eat you. If he makes any signs that he wants to team, then it's winner winner chicken dinner! Another tactic is keeping those small blobs close to your big blob and eat the players that are trying to get them. Example: you're going downwards and the followers are above you. Wait until they get real close and go up.

SQUEEZING A PLAYER AGAINST A VIRUS: Some peeps will try, and i say try to eat your small blob when you're divided in 2. If the player is over 132 mass(size of a virus) and your big blob is big enough to eat him then go towards a virus. Get close to it while paying good attention to that follower. Once you're close to the virus go a little ahead of it and turn back towards it to squeeze that annoying one against the virus. Either he will burst into pieces or you will eat him. This is pretty touchy and you might lose all you've gained if you don't bring your small blob over the player. If he gets it he will probably get all of you. Game over.


Teams: there are 3 ways to teaming: walling, teaming with another player or being fake teamed and participated in making a player bigger.

You probably know about runsplit, tricksplit, cannonsplit and linesplit so it won't be necessary to describe them. Check it out on youtube if you don't aknowledge them. I'll just add a couple tips about them here.

LINESPLIT AGAINST WALL WHILE WALLING: What a title. Anyway, now that's a dangerous move. The risk you're taking is big. Why? Because your blobs will increasingly be bigger and bigger but also smaller at the end. Lets say you're worth 1500 mass and you ate some player that were all against the wall by linespliting. A 800 mass player comes towards you while you're throwing your mass against the wall into your blobs and he splits and eats all the smaller ones. BOOM he might be big enough to eat all of your blobs. Thing is the blobs don't contain all the mass. A big amount of the mass is on the wall and you need to move a little to stock them back into your blobs.

Couple tips for walling: -Move back and forth to eat your mass quickly before someone else does.

-Never ever throw your mass away from you unless you can tricksplit and eat someone that way ,for baiting or to get away from a player wanting to eat you.

-Don't eat all the viruses around you. Especially the ones that are towards the center of the game. They will protect you from bigger ones and will notify you if the big one is coming. He will have to break on the virus. Hopefully he is top 5 so you see his name in the leaderboard and know he is big. You might have a chance to runsplit.

FAKE TEAMING: Someone w'ed towards you and you think he wants to team? Well, if he is big enough to eat you, run away. It's not worth that 15 or 30 mass either. Fake teaming can also be done when you are divided into multiple blobs and you give them to an eventual team, thinking he IS teaming. Once he is big enough, he eats you. The only way to prevent this is by listening to your intuition. Maybe means no.

TRICKSPLITING IS EASY: If you look at videos on youtube, one player stays big and his team goes between the prey while dividing in maaaaany little blobs. You don't need to be so extreme. What counts is that your team will be big enough to eat your tricksplit blob.

There are many other tricks you can learn in this game. I wish you the best luck, even tthough that means you might kill me. Everyone deserves to takeover the game at least once. If ever you see one of these names...


⇝ภ₮℘ ♜ ⊕乃ㄥエ∀エ⊕刀



💎$†@Ұ••♥ ⚡₩ØҜ3💯


爪ℜ. ﻯฬ@g คł♡イ

ⓚⓤⓒⓗⓘ     ☚ better watch out.

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