Browser Version Edit

Change Log [1]

Experimental Edit

Experiments running:

  • Spawners which shoot out some food.
    • Throwing mass at viruses will push them instead of making them split.

Changelog Edit

  • A bug in the account system was reporting wrong levels, it has been fixed and your level should be reporting correctly.
  • Added account system and party game mode, which lets you invite friends to the same server as you are (for now, same rules as FFA).
  • We have moved those changes into a game mode called "Experimental".
  • Testing out some changes:
    • 5% of the viruses will be a little larger and a bit darker
    • There will be a "mother" cell in the middle of the map where 1/7 of the food will spawn from
  • Players can now spawn from ejected mass. Decreased efficiency of W to 80%.
  • Added Turkey region, it's still hosted in the same region as the other european servers, though.
  • For most countries it should now select your region automatically, if you'd like to change the region you were placed in, just open the settings menu.
  • Servers in China and East Asia are now temporarily hosted in Singapore, because of unavailability of Linode servers in Japan. We hope to get this issue fixed soon.
  • We've been moving some servers around.
  • So far, our s (no, we weren't paid to write any of this):
    • Linode: Great. They're pretty damn good, there's nothing else to say. Their support is excellent. We'd recommend them to anyone.
    • Black Lotus: Their support is the best and their servers are great. Kind of expensive but well worth the price.
    • AWS: Too expensive. Seriously, look elsewhere (hint: this list).
    • CloudFlare: Not really a server hoster but worth a mention: Their support isn't that good, but their service is, especially for their rates.
  • Added the "Teams" game mode. It's still being tweaked to prevent a team from snowballing too hard.
  • Added Spectator mode and improved performance.
  • Made big cells slightly faster. Fixed split range. Ejected mass now loses 10% of its mass (you lose X mass, but the ejected mass only has 0.9x mass).
  • Moved South America servers back to Atlanta.
  • I've moved the South America server to AWS in Brazil. However this might not be permanent as AWS is incredibly expensive.
  • I've added a South America server, but please notice that it's *not* hosted in South America at the moment. It's hosted in Atlanta. We haven't found a good server provider yet.
  • Added a China region, it's hosted in Tokyo though. It doesn't have many servers at the moment because linode does not have any servers available, hopefully we manage to grab more in the next few hours.
  • Added Russia and Oceania regions. Notice that Russian servers are actually hosted in London, and Oceania servers are hosted in Singapore.
  • Massively increased the size of the map.
  • Reverted game back to the state it was a few days ago. I feel like there's a better way to add features without unbalancing the game, so I'll try that out soon.
  • There might be a Oceania server coming if there is interest. A South American server is planned but we're still trying to find a suitable host there.
  • A party system is in the works.
  • Created changelog

Mobile Version Edit

Version Released Developer Notes
1.0.0 July 7, 2015 (iOS) N / A
1.1.1 Oct 22, 2015 (iOS) Huge First Update!!
  • Level up! Earn XP and get rewards for playing!
  • More than 80 new, Premium skins to use with any nickname!
  • Get Boosts to kick-start your progress!
  • See your performance & stats after every game!
  • Share your best results with your friends!
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements!

Get Eating!!

1.2.0 Dec 16, 2015 (iOS)
  • Show off your skills: Unlock all new VETERAN SKINS for free as you Level up!
  • New, exclusive CHRISTMAS SKINS!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.2.2 Dec 23, 2015 (iOS)
  • Fixes connectivity issues
  • Show off your skills: Unlock all-new VETERAN SKINS for free as you Level up!
  • New, exclusive CHRISTMAS SKINS!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.3.0 Feb 24, 2016 (iOS)
  • Send and receive free gifts between Facebook friends
  • Show off your skills - new setting to display level on your skin!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.4.0 Jul 11, 2016 (iOS)
  • New “Rush mode” available. Compete to grow the biggest in a 5 minute feeding frenzy!
  • New Daily Quests! Achieve the objective to claim prizes every day.
  • Now available translated into French, Italian, German, , Portuguese, Russian and Turkish!
1.4.2 Jul 18, 2016 (iOS) Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.4.3 Sep 30, 2016 (iOS) Bug fixes
1.5.0 Dec 14, 2016 (iOS) + Earn Mystery Potions - eat your way to the top for the best prizes!

+ Introducing Upgradable and ANIMATED Mystery Skins!

+ Quest for all new DNA to unlock amazing rewards!

1.5.3 Feb 13, 2017 (iOS) + Upgrade your guest account to get exclusive rewards.

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.6.0 March 2017 (Android),

March 20, 2017 (iOS)

+ Faster matchmaking in Rush Mode

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.7.1 April 20, 2017 (Android),

April 26, 2017 (iOS)

+ Get Free DNA with offers

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.8.4 June 14, 2017 (Android), June 19, 2017 (iOS, 43.3 MB) + Rise to the top and get amazing rewards in our BRAND NEW weekly leaderboards!

+ Collect trophies and compete against other players!

+ Check out all three leaderboards available: Leagues, Country, Worldwide

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.8.5 June 30, 2017 (Android, 23.51 MB),

July 3, 2017 (iOS, 43.3 MB)

Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.9.1 September 15, 2017 (Android, 12.78 MB),

September 19, 2017 (iOS, 63.4 MB)

+ Rise to the top and get amazing rewards in our BRAND NEW Friends leaderboards!

+ WIN trophies to compete against your Facebook friends

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.0.3 November 30, 2017 (Android, 14.75 MB),

December 4, 2017 (iOS, 46.3 MB)

+ Create a party and invite your friends to play together in the same arena

+ See your party friends inside the arena

+ Japanese language is now available

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version information may differ based on region and platform. Minor update versions may not be included on this page. Unless otherwise noted, version information is based on the North American region.

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